103: A Random and RICH Conversation about Business and Mindset with Jason Wasser

Have you ever started a conversation with someone that ended up with as many twists and turns as the yellow brick road? We just went from one thing to the next…to the next… and ended up with the best stuff for last! 🎯

And as it turns out, my guest, Jason Wasser, was a student in one of my Functional Blood Chemistry seminars MANY years ago and here we are…. chatting about life, business, mindset 🧠 and being able to charge what you’re worth. All in a day’s work for a healthcare practitioner, right?

As a therapist and coach, Jason has built a multi-disciplinary practice that hasn’t been without plenty of challenges and opportunities to learn what works and what doesn’t, which is equally important in the life of an entrepreneur. 💼

So, if you’ve got a mental block around bumping up your pricing or you get sweaty palms when you think about handing over your Colonel Sanders secret sauce recipe to a newly-hired associate, this episode is seriously for you. 🍗📜


Gold Nuggets

  • (3:46) How entrepreneurship was a HUGE wake-up call.
  • (5:12) Your “unfinished business” can show up later… with a vengeance.
  • (11:20) Jason’s best recommendation for finding your next associate.
  • (25:07) Plant your flag in the ground and serve the patients who value what you do.
  • (40:37) When you charge what you’re worth, people will come.


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