Finally, a Proven Roadmap to Transform Your Functional Medicine Practice Into a High 6 or 7-Figure Success Story!


Clinical Business Academy

A step-by-step roadmap for finally mastering the marketing, growth, and profitability of your wellness practice...

Starting a wellness practice doesn’t come with a handbook…

You’ve seen other people grow successful businesses but that’s never been the case for you.

You’ve tried different marketing strategies and maybe even hired a business coach, but still, your revenue doesn’t budge.

You love working with patients, but when it comes to the business part of owning a practice, it feels completely overwhelming.

Not anymore.

Clinical Business Academy will help you build the practice you’ve always wanted.

One that generates ample revenue, provides time freedom, and allows you to serve the people you love.

(And it works for virtual, brick-and-mortar, or hybrid practices too!)

And before you know it...

…No more feeling overwhelmed and unsure about what to do next.

…No more spending a fortune on marketing strategies or business gurus that don’t understand your business model.

…No more trying to figure out the best way to attract more new patients and ensure you have sufficient revenue every month.

You will soon become the CEO of your business, making decisions that will increase your bottom line and allow you to do more of what you love.

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Hi there! I’m Ronda Nelson.

I know what it feels like to be completely overwhelmed with the day-to-day responsibilities, feeling like you're treading water, and have no one who really understands or can help.

That's why I created Clinical Business Academy.

After growing two businesses to over 7-figures, I figured out what it takes to build a thriving, successful practice.

Your business success and profitability matter to me. And I want to help you grow your practice to whatever level that suits your goals and your lifestyle.

Let’s do this together!

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Clinical Business Academy

provides the training, resources, and accountability to help you grow the practice you’ve always dreamed of.

Our step-by-step roadmap allows you to make progress much faster than other coaching programs.

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Megumi Headshot Large

Megumi U.

Taking the chance on CBA turned out to be the best decision I've ever made!

"For any holistic or functional medical practitioner who is aspiring to expand their business and visibility, and aiming to serve a larger community, CBA is the ideal destination to achieve these goals. As a solo practitioner managing a brick-and-mortar clinic, I was steadily growing my business but felt stuck. Taking the chance on CBA turned out to be the best decision I've ever made!"

5 Stars

Get started with our simplified application!

Business training that helps you build a wildly successful and profitable practice.

Three levels of training designed to support you as your practice grows.

Foundations Green

Foundations Track

The Foundations Track is best for practitioners who are just getting started or for those who want to ensure all the foundational pieces are in place in order to build a highly successful practice.

Lessons include:

▪️ Business Essentials for Every Wellness Practice
▪️ Importance of Business Systems

▪️ Organization and Time Management

▪️ Effective Patient Intake Forms
▪️ Hiring Your First Virtual Assistant

Doer Green

Doer Track

The Doer Track is focused on sales, marketing, and overall growth of the practice. This is perfect for practitioners who are looking for more consistent patient volume and increased revenue!

Lessons include:

▪️ Becoming a Master Marketer
▪️ Identifying Your Ideal Patient
▪️ Building a Marketing Content Matrix
▪️ Nurturing Your Existing Patients
▪️ Setting Up Your Referral System

* Includes the Foundations Track

Master Green

Master Track

The Master Track is focused on how to leverage and grow a well-established practice by hiring paraprofessionals or creating additional revenue streams. Perfect for those who may be thinking about selling or retiring.

Lessons include:

▪️ Hiring, Compensation, and Team Onboarding
▪️ Strategic Finance and Planning
▪️ Recurring Revenue Streams
▪️ Finding the Right Paraprofessionals
▪️ Using Systems to Increase Efficiency

*Includes the Foundations + Doer Track

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Here’s How It Works...

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Create Your Business Roadmap.

▪️ Schedule your 1-hour Business Strategy Call with Ronda as quickly as you can.

▪️ Create a customized roadmap based on the unique challenges and goals of YOUR practice.

▪️ Get ready to implement your action steps to help you get where you want - FAST!


Begin Your Business Growth Journey.

▪️ Use your Business Roadmap to help you know exactly where to start and make progress quickly!

▪️ Explore the 30+ practice-growth trainings along with resources, templates, and examples to help your practice explode!

▪️ Utilize the Foundations Track for help with business basics, tech tools, and other essential building blocks for growth.

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Implement Like a Pro.

▪️ Make continual progress using the templates, resources, and other information provided with each training.

▪️ Reduce the overwhelm by following each lesson in sequential order, resulting in a clear path to profitability and success!

▪️ Develop stronger business skills with quarterly business activators focused on leadership, practice growth, and how to build a more profitable practice.

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Get Support When You Need It Most.

▪️ Weekly Live Q&A’s provide the opportunity to ask questions and get personalized advice regardless of where you’re at in your business.

▪️ Find Your Way Calls are essential when you have a tech challenge or need help implementing a new tool or resource.

▪️ Monthly Mastermind PODs of 4-6 people will become your ‘best board of directors,’ helping you strategize and get clarity on your next steps.

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Accountability and Motivation to Help You Stay on Your Game.

▪️ Weekly and monthly accountability to help you stay focused on the next most important thing in your business.

▪️ Look for unexpected surprises that will make you smile as you work through the lessons and watch your practice grow!

▪️ Regular content updates to ensure you have the most current information about how to grow, scale, and leverage a successful wellness practice.

By now, you’re probably asking...

How Much Does it Cost?

Well, less than you might think. The content and support provided in Clinical Business Academy is worth tens of thousands of dollars.

But I’m not asking you to pay anywhere close to that.

Here’s what you get when you enroll in Clinical Business Academy:

▪️ One-hour private Business Strategy Session with Ronda.

Value: $999

▪️ Training specific to where you’re at in your practice (prevents content overwhelm).

Value: $8,999

▪️ Templates, resources, checklists, and sample systems to save you hours of time.

Value: $4,999

▪️ Weekly Q&A sessions to get your questions answered in real-time.

Value: $2,400

▪️ Facilitated monthly POD meetings with 2-3 other practitioners to quickly find solutions for your business. (Doer and Master Tracks)

Value: $2,000

▪️ Quarterly deep-dive business workshops on topics that help you make faster progress. (Doer and Master Tracks)

Value: $2,999

▪️ Tailored business roadmap built from real experience, designed to meet your goals.

Value: $2,000

▪️ Personalized accountability and true support to keep you focused and motivated.

Value: $999

▪️ A 60-Day Money Back Guarantee if it’s simply not right for you.


Total Value: $25,395

Clinical Business Academy starts at only $5,800 per year.

(Investment is track-dependent)

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Get started with our simplified application!

Linda Headshot

Linda B.

In just one year of starting CBA, my income increased by over $150,000.

"The investment in Clinical Business Academy is worth every penny! In just one year of starting CBA, my income increased by over $150,000. Without the knowledge and tools I gained from being part of this wonderful program, this wouldn't have been possible. Thank you, Ronda!"

5 Stars

Whether you want to turn your wellness practice into a small side hustle or build it to a multi-six or seven-figure practice, Clinical Business Academy will get you there.

Clinical Business Academy is perfect for you if...

▪️ You are already seeing patients but business isn’t booming.
▪️ You’re ready for a more consistent revenue.
▪️ You want a marketing system that brings in more new patients.
▪️ You want to help even more people and have a bigger impact.
▪️ You want a streamlined business that doesn’t drain you.
▪️ You’re ready to generate a great income - one that you deserve!

Claire Headshot Large

Claire S.

CBA is the place to be if you're looking to grow your business and make more money!

"My reason for joining Clinical Business Academy was to help grow my business. I was entering my third year of practice, so I knew there were probably plenty of areas that I could improve upon; I just didn't know where to start. I knew Ronda would be the perfect person to help! CBA is the place you need to be if you're a practitioner looking to grow your business and make more money, all in a judgement-free, supportive environment."

5 Stars

Read the FAQ…

I’ve done business coaching programs before, and they were a complete waste of money. How do I know this will be different?

Unfortunately, we hear this scenario frequently and it’s heartbreaking. Our commitment to you and your business success is truly unmatched. We encourage you - even if you’ve been burned before - to give CBA a chance. To strengthen your confidence, we also offer a 60-day money-back guarantee.

How much time do I need to invest to get results?

Clinical Business Academy is a self-paced program so you can learn anytime, anywhere. There is no hard and fast requirement for the amount of time you need to spend. We encourage you to focus on the things your practice needs to grow and ask questions if you get stuck.

I’m just starting my practice and only have a few patients. Will this work for me too?

Absolutely! The Foundations Track will be a perfect place for you to start, ensuring you have all the essential pieces in place to build an amazing practice.

How much time will it take to complete?

Clinical Business Academy is self-paced so you are in charge of how quickly you work through the modules. It takes time to implement changes in your practice which is why we‘ve included weekly, monthly, and quarterly support - to help you stay focused and give you a boost when you need it!

I’m a dentist. Is this only for certain types of wellness practitioners?

This program is designed to help any type of wellness or Functional Medicine practice flourish!

How will I know if Clinical Business Academy has the information I need for my type of practice?

Once you‘ve enrolled, we will place you in the right track to ensure you have access to the content that specifically addresses the needs of your practice.

What if I don‘t get results? Is there a guarantee?

If you are willing to do the work and follow the step-by-step roadmap, we are 100% confident your business will grow dramatically. But just in case you decide Clinical Business Academy isn‘t your cup of tea, we have a 60-day money-back guarantee. Just email and we‘ll get you taken care of!

I’m not very tech-savvy. Is that a requirement for the program?

No special tech skills needed! We have an entire set of tech-lessons that include setting up email campaigns, using project management software, getting started with Canva, using ChatGPT, password management, and more. So, as long as you’re willing to learn, you’re good to go! And if you do get stuck, we’re always here to help.

What if I can’t make the live trainings? Will there be recordings available?

We make every effort to change up the days/times of our live calls to ensure everyone has the opportunity to join live. If you do miss a live call, we’ll upload the replay to your portal to watch at your leisure. (*To encourage participation, the Quarterly Activator meetings will NOT be recorded, and must be attended live.)

Is Clinical Business Academy worth it?

If all Clinical Business Academy did was give you a step-by-step map showing you how to build a highly successful wellness practice, would it be worth it?

Heck yes.

If all it did was show you how to create an audience of ideal patients who can’t wait to work with you and are excited to refer their friends and family, would it be worth it?


And if all it did was give you 100% confidence that when you hit a wall in your business, you have everything you need to continue to market, grow, and scale your practice, would it be worth it?

Without a doubt.

Then this is the time to say YES to yourself, YES to your practice, and YES to your financial success!

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Clinical Business Academy gives you the shortcuts you need to grow.

🌱 Learn proven marketing strategies so you can attract your ideal patients and increase your profits.

🌱 Build greater credibility and authority with your audience by staying on top of mind and providing added value.

🌱 Create your own proprietary process that increases patient retention, helps them get better results, and boosts your bottom line.

🌱 Get clear on your ideal patient so you can attract the right people, serve them well, and build a thriving practice.

🌱 Position yourself as the go-to authority in your field and charge what you’re worth with absolute integrity.

🌱 Design essential systems for your business to create a smooth-flowing practice that can focus on patient care first.

🌱 Focus your time and energy on the right strategies and metrics that will help your practice grow faster.

🌱 Optimize your marketing strategy by doing only the things that are right for your practice and your patients.

🌱 Learn how to delegate to a team and get back your time so you can focus on the things that truly matter.

🌱 Create a marketing funnel that allows you to get in front of your ideal patients and have a greater impact.

Jamie Headshot Large

Jamie A.

I have loved every minute inside Clinical Business Academy!

"I wanted to grow my business smart, not reinvent the wheel, and not waste time or money on strategies that wouldn't work. Thanks to Clinical Business Academy I am able to better communicate with my patients, keep their attention with weekly emails, and ask for reviews in a non-salesey way. I have loved every minute inside Clinical Business Academy!"

5 Stars

Creating a streamlined business is the most effective way to have a greater impact on the people you serve.

Are you ready to say yes?

Need to chat with us? We are here for you!

Email and we will get back to you ASAP!

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