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Clinical Academy

A monthly practice growth membership for wellness practitioners that provides a library of clinical resources AND the business tools you need to grow a thriving clinical practice.

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Social Content Collector

With Social Content Collector, you’ll learn the unique framework that allows you to create, organize and share all your marketing content, regardless of the platform, for months and years to come.

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Virtual Practice Builder

Learn how a virtual practice can transform your business, add income to your bottom line, and provide the best care for your patients without the headache of figuring it all out yourself!

Seminar Manuals and Resources

Explore our comprehensive library of essential clinical manuals and resources. These beautifully organized binders are designed to be used again and again, becoming an indispensable resource for any type of wellness practitioner.

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FBC NEW (RN Shop Page Image)
Understanding Functional Blood Chemistry


FBC QSG NEW (RN Shop Page Image)
Functional Blood Chemistry: Quick Start Guide


RVC (RN Shop Page Image)
Restoring the Visual Clinician


Understanding Female Hormones (RN Shop Page Image)
Understanding Female Hormones: Birth Through Menopause


Microbiome (RN Shop Page Image)
Understanding the Microbiome: Nutritional Interventions for Common Dysfunctions


Endocrine Digestion Connection (RN Shop Page Image)
The Endocrine-Digestion Connection: Evaluating Adrenal Health and Digestive Insufficiency


Male Hormones and Adrenal Health (RN Shop Page Image)
Male Hormones and Adrenal Health


Adrenals Meno and Thyroid (RN Shop Page Image)
Supporting Adrenals, Menopause, and Thyroid


Meno, Male Hormone and Thyroid (RN Shop Page Image)
Understanding Menopause, Male Hormones, and Thyroid


Female Reproduction (RN Shop Page Image)
Understanding and Supporting Female Reproduction


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