How 3 Tiny Letters Can Make or Break Your Practice

Think back to when you first opened your practice or health coaching business. It felt exciting, a little scary and kind of like a precious – yet demanding – newborn, didn’t it? 

This season was full of urgent needs, countless “freak out” moments, and sleep-deprived decisions. Maybe you even dealt with the occasional meltdown. 😖

But if you look at your practice today, does it feel the same way? Is it still as needy as a newborn, or is it growing up and starting to move with independence?

I know how it feels to be soooo protective over your practice and to feel like you have to watch over every single thing. But my friend, as hard as it may be to hear, your practice isn’t a baby – it’s a business. 

And that distinction requires a MAJOR mindset shift. It involves you not only being a stellar clinician but also learning how to make the transition into a more powerful position: the CEO.

A CEO and a clinician operate in very different and distinct ways. They wear two separate hats.

  • A clinician treats patients, stays up-to-date on the latest research, completes patient files and notes, makes recommendations for treatment, and so on.
  • A CEO carries the vision for the practice, devises strategies, creates systems, hires the right support staff, and leads with a clear purpose.

Turning your practice into a thriving business means you can’t just wear the clinician hat. You also need to act like the CEO of your practice.

If you want to know why this CEO mindset will radically transform your practice and some powerful ways to start acting like the CEO, keep reading. It’s about to get seriously good! 

Why It’s Important to Think Like the CEO if You Want to Grow Your Practice

Let’s get back to the basics. What’s that one precious gift we’re given every single day? It’s time. 

Every good CEO knows we’re all given the same amount of time every day, so they maximize how they use theirs. They invest their hours wisely, prioritize what matters, and stay laser focused to move their vision forward.

When it comes to building your practice, how are you investing your time?    

Build Boundaries Instead of Burn Out

A CEO understands boundaries. They know that micromanaging and burning the candle at both ends are no way to grow a practice. Most practitioners and coaches I work with come to me on the edge of burn out because they’re flat-out exhausted from trying to do it all. 

CEOs see the warning signs and prioritize self-care. This helps them keep making powerful decisions that move their practice forward.

Create Systems and Train Others

Flying by the seat of your pants will only get you so far. CEOs understand this and create systems and processes to work smarter – not harder. They invest in tools that help streamline patient check-in, organize their supplies, and bring order to the day.

They know that a lack of structure breeds chaos. So, they focus on practical systems that remove the guesswork for their staff and patients. They equip their staff through training and welcome ideas for improvement.

Stay in Your Lane by Learning to Delegate

This one is SO HARD, but CEOs know that they don’t need their fingers on every detail. They prioritize CEO-level tasks and empower their staff to excel in what they do best.

Ask yourself: From a bird’s eye view of your practice, where can you release control and let others take the reins? 

My friend, I am 100% confident that you have what it takes to be the CEO of your practice!! So keep reading for ways you can start channeling your inner CEO.

5 Powerful Tips to Start Shifting Into Your CEO Mindset Now

1. First Things First: Recognize and Accept That You’re the CEO 

In order to really grow your practice, it’s important to begin growing your belief in yourself as a leader. You’re not just a chiropractor, acupuncturist, or health coach. You’re running your own business. That’s incredible!

It’s time to ditch the “clinician only” mindset and start getting comfortable with leading your team and steering your business forward. The more you do it, the easier it’ll get. I promise!

2. Schedule Time to Learn How to Grow Your Practice

There are soooo many shiny objects out there, promising to help you grow your practice and get new patients by the truckloads every day. These kinds of promises are supposed to save you time and bring new people in the door – but sadly, most of them are all smoke and no fire. These pull at you, distract you, and keep you from staying focused on the actions needed to grow your business your way. 

Those kinds of rabbit trails make it darn near impossible to create or follow a clear path. Instead of following the shiny objects, start by blocking off 3-5 hours every month to evaluate what’s working and not working in your practice. Decide what YOU need (not what your social media feed tells you that you need).

Make this a #1 priority. Protect this time at all costs. Lock it into your schedule, so you stick with it and create the habit. When we start viewing our days and our practices from the eyeballs of a CEO, only then can we begin to take CEO actions.

3. Get Super Clear On Your WHY 

Every CEO holds tight to their company’s central mission. When you’re connected to your mission, it’s easier to keep the ship headed in the right direction. You’ll know how to handle surprises and challenges, because you’re in lockstep with your North Star.

Write out your mission statement, and as soon as your feet hit the floor in the morning, focus on it for 5 minutes. Get clear on what actions you need to do that day, what you need to delegate, and what you need to set aside for later. Make sure your top 3 daily priorities always align with your practice’s mission. Your job is to move the ball down the field just a few more yards every day.

4. Focus On the Most Important Thing to Do Right Now 

Uggggh, that to-do list can feel soooo long and daunting. How are you supposed to know what to do first? All you have to do is put on your CEO to find the answer. 

First, try categorizing your list into these buckets: 

  1. Time Urgent
  2. Priority But Not Time Urgent
  3. Everything else

Then decide what actions will move your practice forward the most and focus on those tasks first..

One of my favorite questions to ask myself is: Is this [thing] making me money, helping me grow my practice, or serving my patients? And if not, ditch it! I know it’s hard, but you can do it! Just remember your WHY and let that fuel you. 💪

5. Learn to Ask Questions to Empower Your Staff

Leading with a CEO mentality changes how you interact with your staff. Rather than asking “why” (which can make someone instantly defensive), change up how you ask questions. Ask using words like “how” or “what” instead.

For example, let’s say your assistant says she feels she has to be in two places at once to answer the phone and help a new patient complete their paperwork. Try asking, “What would help you the most?” or “How do you think we could make this better for you?”

You’ll be AMAZED at how this approach will help you solve problems and empower your staff. Eventually, your staff will be able to handle those small fires on their own – which will free up more time and energy for you to be that rockstar CEO I know you are.

Level-Up Your Mindset as the CEO and Watch Your Practice Grow

My friend, you have everything within you to become the CEO of your practice. Once you start practicing it, you’ll get hooked. Try out one of the above tips to start shifting into that CEO mindset today.

If you’re still feeling stuck or need more specific help, grab a time on my calendar. I’d love to help you see where you’re getting stuck and then pull out that CEO hat so you can get moving and transform your practice into a thriving, successful business!

Ronda Nelson Smiling

Hi, I’m Ronda Nelson and I help wellness practitioners grow thriving, profitable practices that allow them to work with ease, live a life they love and make an income they can be proud of.

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