Chances are, you're already a brilliant clinician…

Let’s make you a great business owner too.

Discover 5 Simple Strategies for Keeping Your Appointment Book Full (and your patients happy)!

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Ronda Nelson Ready To Help

Chances are, you're already a brilliant clinician…

Let’s make you a great business owner too.

Discover 5 Simple Strategies for Keeping Your Appointment Book Full (and your patients happy)!

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Running a successful healthcare practice isn’t easy.

  • Not making the income you deserve…

  • Struggling to keep your schedule full...

  • Having difficulty finding and hiring the right staff…

  • Feeling stuck about how to use social media to build your business...

  • Working more than you’d like, sacrificing time with your family…

  • Drowning in paperwork and admin responsibilities...

You’re not alone.

As clinicians, we still have to manage all the business details, make time to see patients, keep our clinical skills up to par AND make sure there’s enough money in the bank.

It’s exhausting AND overwhelming.

But there’s a better way to do business. You CAN get off the hamster wheel, refocusing on the things that will turn your clinic into a profitable wellness practice!


What other practitioners are saying...

The information from Dr. Ronda’s educational programs has been incredibly comprehensive and most importantly, it has forced me to look at processes and systems in my business I didn’t even know were there! This has been the PERFECT place for me and exactlywhat I needed to grow a successful practice and have the financial security I’ve always wanted for myself and my family. THANK YOU!

Don S.

The support from Dr. Ronda has moved me from having a limited, stagnated, somewhat isolated solo practice to a more expanded, intentional and financially successful BUSINESS! Ronda’s genuine heart, her commitment and caring for the success of her ‘tribe’ was palpable.

Nancy N.

Working with Dr. Ronda has given me a definitive structure for my practice. So, so much great information and invaluable feedback! It was an honor to part of the Business Coaching Collaborative. Dr Ronda is so amazing and inspirational beyond what I expected. A truly great leader –and dare I say it.... a Rock Star in her field. I love having direct access to her and what she’s created for this community more than I can say.

Nancy C.

Dr. Ronda is a wealth of information, both intellectual and clinical. She is also a great teacher, and isn’t that what we all strive to be with our patients and community? She is a wonderful mentor!

Virginia I.

Ronda Nelson - Sitting Downtown

Hi there, I’m Ronda

Before I became “a practitioner’s practitioner”… I was actually in accounting.

Yep. I'm a bookkeeper, turned clinician, turned consultant.

But I learned a little secret along the way about starting a wellness practice…

… being a good clinician doesn’t necessarily mean you know how to run a profitable business. (#learneditthehardway)

And that’s why I’m here.

Because growing a business takes chutzpah…

If you’re ready to change the trajectory of your life and your business, you’re in the right place.

Oh, and I should warn you. I’m a community kind-of-gal, so be prepared to meet other practitioners who are in the same boat.

We’re in this together my friend.

(If you have an inquiring mind and want the rest of the story, you can read it here)

Let’s Work Together!

Need help growing your practice?

Get the resources you need for building a practice you love and attracting patients that love you back.

Want some one-on-one support?

Get help with your clinical cases or business and marketing questions so you can continue growing a business you love.

Looking for more clinical training?

Find the resources you need to stay on top of your clinical game and provide better wellness care for your patients.


Ready to Transform Your Practice Business… the same way thousands of other practitioners already have?

Great! We’ve made it easy to get started:

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Watch the FREE Video Series

Ronda’s short but actionable video series includes Five Simple Strategies that will help you keep your appointment book full, kickstart your business, and create an amazing patient experience. Once you’ve finished, you’ll feel more confident about being the Rockstar business owner you were meant to be!

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Download our FREE Podcast

Full of practical and actionable insights, The Clinical Entrepreneur podcast will soon become your new favorite. Each week, Ronda gets down to business (literally), providing the resources and information you need to build a thriving wellness practice. Filled with humor and raw honesty, you won’t want to miss a single episode.

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Schedule Your FREE 15-Minute Business Strategy Call

If you’re overwhelmed and unsure about where to begin, this quick 15-minute evaluation will help you clarify what’s important so you can begin taking action. When you’re done, you’ll have at least one specific strategy to help you move toward your big business, clinical or marketing goals.

Ready to discover the 5 Keys…..

I thought so.

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Internet Security Checklist


How to Create (at least)
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3 Simple Steps...


Resource Guide for B12, Methylmalonic Acid, and Folate Discrepancies


5 Tips for Making Great Videos!


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