Join Clinical Academy!

A comprehensive training library for practitioners who want to deepen their clinical knowledge, improve patient outcomes, and grow profitable and successful practices.

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Join Clinical Academy!

A comprehensive training library for practitioners who want to deepen their clinical knowledge, improve patient outcomes, and grow profitable and successful practices.

What is Clinical Academy?

A membership for clinicians who want to improve their confidence and patient outcomes right away.

With a completely searchable library made up of over 40 clinical topics, video trainings, and resources, you'll find the information and inspiration you need to provide the right support for your patients and help them get the transformational results they deserve.

Whether you're new to Functional Medicine or have a few years under your belt, Clinical Academy will fill in the gaps and become your new clinical BFF.

Does this sound like you?

✔️ Are you passionate about transforming people’s lives but feel like you don’t know enough?

✔️ Do you get a knot in your stomach when a patient tells you they're not any better?

✔️ Are you feeling overwhelmed trying to maintain your clinical skills while running a practice?

✔️ Do you feel apprehensive when creating and recommending a protocol, hoping it's right?

✔️ Does it seem like you are stuck in a rut, making the exact same recommendations over and over?

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More about Clinical Academy...

The library of clinical training is available on-demand, 24/7, whenever you need it.

No need to rummage through your spiral-ring notebooks, looking for that hastily scribbled protocol.

All you have to do is type in what you're looking for, hit the search button, and viola!

You'll have everything you need in mere seconds.

Clinical Academy puts the information you need right at your fingertips!

Over 100 clinical and business topics available - here are just a few.

🧠 Enrich your clinical knowledge

  • Hypothyroid and Hashimoto's Support
  • Managing Blood Sugar Dysfunctions
  • Understanding Cardiovascular Health
  • Osteoporosis and Bone Health
  • Supporting Upper Digestion
  • Dysbiosis and SIBO
  • Strategies for Endometriosis
  • Managing Uterine Fibroids
  • The Female Reproductive Cycle
  • Strategies for Improving Sleep
  • Supporting Menopause
  • Resolving Skin Conditions
  • Pregnancy and Fertility
  • So many more!

💰 Grow a profitable practice

  • Establishing Your Fee Structure
  • Front Desk Systems and Office Policies
  • Using In-Office Promotions to Generate Revenue
  • Enhancing Your Patient Intake Process
  • Why You Need a Lead Magnet
  • Create an Effective Treatment Plan
  • Hiring a Virtual Assistant
  • Designing a Marketing Strategy
  • New Patient Experience
  • Creating Exceptional Value for Your Patients
  • Improving Your Online Presence
  • Create A Compelling Website
  • The Importance of Social Proof
  • So many more!

All wellness practitioners are welcome here.

Do you love providing alternative medicine options for your patients? If so, you're in the right place. These are a few of the practitioners currently enrolled in Clinical Academy.





Medical Doctors

Health Coaches




Katie Thompson Headshot

I love Clinical Academy! It has definitely helped me be a better clinician!

“The monthly topics are fantastic and Dr. Ronda breaks it down in a way that really makes sense. I can apply what I've learned to the next patient who walks in the door! And you always have access to your content!

A HUGE thank you to Dr. Ronda! I am thrilled to be part of this amazing tribe of practitioners.”

- Dr. Katie Thompson, DC


Imagine knowing exactly what to recommend for every patient, every single time!

With this searchable knowledge base and library of resources - you will!

Take a peek inside... 👀

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Here's what some of our amazing practitioners have to say about Clinical Academy...

If you're motivated to make a change and are ready to transform your practice, you're in the right place!

LuAnn Headshot

LuAnn Morrow

Clinical Academy is an investment in yourself and your office.

"Thanks to Clinical Academy, I have the confidence to ask meaningful questions and spot why someone isn’t getting good results. The lessons learned have led to increased sales, happier patients, and a better income."

5 Stars
Don Headshot

Don S.

Clinical Academy is a must-have for you and your practice.

"Ronda has put together the perfect set of tools and resources to improve office procedures, patient outcomes, and satisfaction. The value is off the charts for any clinician who is serious about increasing their knowledge."

5 Stars
Karen Headshot

Karen Cross

Clinical Academy will up-level your expertise.

"Anyone on the fence about joining Clinical Academy - DO IT! Oh my gosh, this is a no-brainer. Ronda's modules and trainings are the BOMB! and you will be in a tribe of like-minded people who all support each other."

5 Stars
Ronda White Shirt CA

As a member of Clinical Academy, you will:

✔️ Have 100% access to our full library of clinical trainings. We're holding nothing back!

✔️ Connect with Ronda to ask questions and solve your toughest cases during our twice-monthly live Zoom calls.

✔️ Learn how and when to use specific herbal and whole food supplements.

✔️ Discover what other wellness practitioners are doing to grow their practices with on-demand interviews.

✔️ Find hundreds of patient-friendly handouts and clinical resources you can use right away.

Here are some questions we often get asked...

The current price is $99 per month with no long-term commitment required.

There's always something new to learn when it comes to functional medicine so our answer is always yes! You can start with a simple monthly subscription and if you find it's not what you need, you can cancel at any time. No hard feelings.

Absolutely! The business lessons provide practical tips and strategies to help you market your practice, streamline your systems, and generate more revenue. We think they're pretty great!

Yes! We love your questions! Just post your question inside your Clinical Academy membership and Ronda will get back to you as quickly as she can. And don’t forget, she’s all yours during the monthly Protocol of the Month and Live Q&A calls. 

You deserve to have all the financial success, freedom, and fulfillment that comes with having a successful practice.

Click below to get started. We will be with you every step of the way.

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