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Welcome to The Clinical Entrepreneur Podcast!

The Clinical Entrepreneur Podcast delivers actionable tips and simple strategies that will help you grow your clinic, earn a better income, and serve more people with ease.

Short, concise and highly actionable, each episode will leave you feeling inspired to take the next step in building a profitable, highly-successful wellness practice so you can make a bigger impact in the world.
Hosted by the brilliantly-witty and down-to-earth Dr. Ronda Nelson, PhD MH - a long-time clinician and business-owner whose superpower is making the complex simple.

So sit back - take it all in - and begin to move your practice towards your BIG vision!

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Latest Episode

identify your niche

004: Identify Your Niche with these 7 Questions

When we start our clinical practices, many of us don’t yet know what we love to do. We haven’t yet found the things that ...
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