9 Content Ideas to Maximize Social Media Outreach

When you’re fresh out of school and not quite ready to branch out on your own, it’s easy to partner up with another practitioner while you’re learning the ropes. You don’t have to worry about the admin side of the business or how to come up with fresh content ideas to bring new patients in the door.

But when you own your own practice, it’s a completely different ball game. Not only are you seeing patients and being the chief problem-solver, but you’re also the CEO of your business. And that means every decision and activity depends on you, including finding the right content for your marketing strategy and getting it out there! It doesn’t take long before the pressure starts to build and you feel like you’re in over your head!  

As a practitioner, I’ve experienced the overwhelm firsthand. And as a business coach for chiropractors, health coaches and other wellness practitioners, knowing what to post on your social media page is one of the most common frustrations I hear. So instead of staring at a blank page, wondering what to post, here are 9 great places you can find ideas to write your own content or spread the love by sharing someone else’s! 

1. Relevant News

One benefit of living in the 21st century is that new information is alwaaaays coming out. Whether it’s late-breaking research or an exciting new health story, it doesn’t take much effort to find something valuable that’s worth sharing.

Here are a couple of my favorite places to get the latest health scoop:

Once you find some compelling information that your community will love, grab the link and share it along with a couple of sentences on what you love about it and why it should matter to them. 

2. You and/or Your Staff

You, my friend, are one-of-a-kind – no one cares for your patients like you do. And part of connecting with them is letting them see you in real life. Post photos or videos of you and/or your staff engaging in healthy activities. So, the next time…

  • Your front desk manager runs a 5K… 
  • You’re working on your organic gardening skills… 
  • You and your team are serving together in the community… 

Grab a photo or take a short video. It may feel awkward at first, but your patients and followers love to see that you’re not just talking the talk, you’re walking the walk!

3. School Calendar

If you treat adults and kids, you know fully well how everything revolves around the school calendar. So, wherever possible, use that to your advantage. 

Grab your marketing calendar and mark the major school holidays or breaks. Post reminders for parents to make any necessary appointments for their kids during these breaks. This can be super helpful for busy moms who are trying to keep it all together.

And once they’re back in school, post gentle reminders for the parents to schedule that overdue appointment to get their blood work checked or stop by for a quick check-up. 

4. Health Observances and Awareness Days

There are tons of free health observance calendars online. Thumb through one and write a brief post based on something that catches your eye.

However, use caution. It seems like every condition has its own week, month or day. And even though each and every one of them deserves attention, the last thing your patients want to read is post after post of different diseases, symptoms, or cures.

Instead pick a few that you specialize in and highlight those. This will reaffirm your niche and help your current patients know they’re in the right place. As well, by focusing on conditions or topics that are within your zone of genius, you’ll be more likely to attract potential patients that are struggling with the conditions you love to work with. 

5. Lists

People loooove lists – like this one you’re reading right now. 😉

They love to read them and are eager to share them. And guess what? The more your posts are shared, the more visible your practice becomes. 

So, sprinkle in some intriguing list-based posts. Here are some ideas:

  • 5 Healthy Breakfasts That Feel Like Dessert
  • 3 Surprising Signs of Menopause
  • 7 Myths About Bad Posture

Don’t be afraid to have some fun with these!

6. Seasonal Health Concerns

Springtime allergies, winter blues, feeling sleepy after the time change. These are just a couple of examples of common concerns your patients deal with around the same time every year. Create some posts on unique ways they can reduce or alleviate the associated symptoms.

This is a great opportunity to share content from other credible sources as well as promote any nutritional or herbal products that may help.

7. Shout-Outs to Local Businesses

Spotlighting local businesses is a powerful way to tie yourself to your community and boost your visibility. A few ways you can do this online are:

  • Tag yourself at their business
  • Share their events on your page
  • Leave a review on their page
  • Do a joint Facebook or Instagram Live with them to share more about what they do
  • Create a post that celebrates them hitting a major milestone
  • Let them do an “Instagram takeover” where they post as you for a day or a week

This is a great strategy to do for both established businesses as well as for ones who are just starting out!

8. Send Encouraging Messages to Your Patients

It’s sometimes easy to forget that your patients are people just like you. They have loved ones, dreams, and very real fears. Oftentimes, you only see them when they’re feeling their worst or are most afraid.

Whether it’s…

  • the young athlete who’s afraid he’ll let his team down because of a torn ACL…
  • the mom who suffers silently with Sjogren’s but still wakes up every day to get her kids off to school…
  • the aging senior who’s trying so hard to get his stamina back so he can play with his grandkids…

Your patients want to know they’re not alone. They want some kind of hope. Wherever you can, look for ways to be that source of encouragement and post messages that help them believe that everything is going to be alright. Here’s how that might look:

  • “If you’re struggling with IBS, I know it can be rough. Keep hanging in there, my friend. Together, we’ll find a nutrition plan that will help you feel better.”
  • “I know how painful migraines can be and how they can disrupt your daily life. I suffered with them for over 10 years before I realized how much chiropractic care would help.”

Sharing your own personal experiences in your posts is a powerful way to relate and show empathy.

9. Common Questions From Your Patients

What’s something you always get asked by your patients? I bet you could list a whole slew of questions! So, jot those babies down and use them in your posts or lives. 

If you’re having trouble thinking of these on the spot, keep a running log of them in your phone or in a notepad. (I recommend your phone because it’s always on you!) Then, when you need some posting inspiration, you have this list as your go-to.

Writing Content For Your Practice Has Never Been Easier

Building a successful practice involves a lot of moving pieces – and having the right kind of marketing content is a crucial part of it. Having a list to lean on has saved my bacon more than once! 

If you’re looking for even more prompts and content ideas for your practice, head over and check out my podcast episode on Connecting with Your Patients Using Social Media. While you’re there, be sure to snag the bonus. It’s a cool little list of 35 social media prompts so you’ll never have to dread coming up with topics again!

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