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008: 4 Simple Things You Can do to Create a Stronger Patient Relationship

When a patient has a health issue, before they call their healthcare provider, there’s a good chance that they’ve already turned to Google. Unfortunately, they’ve also probably learned that they’re going to die within the next 48 hours of a wide array of weird, random, and crazy diseases. There’s more misinformation than accurate information when it comes to health out there, and lots of it ends with your patient purchasing a boatload of low-quality supplements and wondering why they’re not improving.

When the patient finally comes to see you, as an alternative medicine practitioner, they give you a barrage of symptoms, and you may think that it’s time to educate them about everything going on with their bodies and recommend your particular supplements. This strategy is all but guaranteed to fail, and it rarely leads to positive, lasting relationships.

As clinicians, there are three simple things you need to do to win great patients: listen more than you speak, let them know they’re doing a good job, and provide them with action steps that don’t involve buying herbs, supplements, or tests. Today’s podcast is all about how to do exactly that – and why this strategy helps grow practices and produce better patient outcomes.


Gold Nuggets

  • What makes the internet such a dangerous place for patients – and why attempts at self-diagnosis almost never improve outcomes.
  • Why so many clinicians fail to empathize with and honor their patients.
  • How to approach a scared patient who has already jumped to the worst-case scenario and endangered their health by adopting strategies and supplements they read about online.


Sadly, on the internet, there's more misinformation as it comes to health than there is accurate information. - @DrRondaNelson Click To Tweet Start slow, get them a win, make rapport with them, get the relationship going, and they will stay with you. - @DrRondaNelson Click To Tweet



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