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056: What COVID Taught Me About the Importance of Self-Care

We all get caught up in the craziness of our daily lives and forget to hit the pause button. But have you ever had something or someone press that button for you? Well, I recently had the ‘COVID quarantine’ force me to do a little self-care….. which was evidently looooong overdo.

After nearly 3 weeks of being down with the Rona, I had plenty of time to think. And sleep. And feel incredibly grateful for everything I have. And in this podcast, I’m sharing about why self-care has to be at the top of our radar in order to stay in the game and play full-out.

Because I’m 100% guilty over here. Guilty of saying “yes” too often, guilty of overworking, and guilty of letting my passion get in the way of taking care of me. When we love what we do so much, it can sometimes eclipse the love we need to have for ourselves.

So if you can’t remember the last time you took a little time for yourself, it’s time to get that on the calendar. I’m sharing my favorite ways to refill your tank, whether it’s a staycation somewhere close or taking a long weekend at home to meditate and recenter.

In today’s podcast episode, I implore you to check-in with yourself before your body checks out for you. And you can do this by scheduling just a few regular self-care practices. You’ll hear it from me first-hand that it doesn’t take a 10-day all-inclusive vacation to Fiji to feel rejuvenated, but at some point, taking a weekend to recharge and reset will help you be able to change more lives!


Gold Nuggets

  • (1:20) What happens when we don’t take care of ourselves and how I fell victim to overworking myself.
  • (2:27) The lessons I learned from my time offline and how I bounced back after feeling under the weather.
  • (4:20) How your business model and financial safeguards can save your bacon in case you’re out sick.
  • (6:00) Why you can’t put gas in your car once a year and expect to get very far.
  • (10:42) My best recommendations for an awesome staycation.

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