061: Are You Leveraging Your Strengths Inside Your Business?

As practitioners, we often gravitate towards what we naturally excel at, whether it’s connecting with patients, being an avid learner, or having an organized office. These inborn strengths are easy to spot and are often done without even thinking about it.

On the flip side, tasks that fall into the ‘I’m-not-so-great-at-this’ category can easily be overlooked or deferred, resulting in an undercurrent of stress that doesn’t go away. But hitting the ignore button when it comes to your kryptonite is never a good solution.

But I’ve got a few hacks for you in this podcast episode that will help you identify and naturally lean into your strengths, making them really work to your advantage. And we’ll also talk about how to leverage your weaknesses (cuz we all have them), so they don’t become a liability. (Sooooo good!)

Plus – I’m spilling the beans about:

  • My own epic business failure
  • My top 5 strengths (which are SO spot on, it’s scary)
  • My #1 weakness (a bit embarrassing but not surprising)
  • How I use these to grow an even better business!

And as a bonus, I’ll share my favorite resource to help you figure out your superpowers and your kryptonite. Together, we can help get the synergy back in your practice and it all starts with finding out where you shine the brightest!


Gold Nuggets

  • (2:00) How each personal strength has its ups and its downs.
  • (8:40) Why you wouldn’t tolerate your own poor performance in an employee.
  • (15:30) My three general rules around leveraging your strengths.
  • (17:47) Not sure what your strengths profile is? Here’s where you can find out.
  • (18:28) Diving into my own personal strengths (and dropping my one biggest weakness!).


Links Mentioned In This Episode

Check out Business Coaching Collaborative!

Clifton Strengths Test

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