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051: Five Signs That You’re Ready to Hire Some Help

As you grow your practice, it’s easy to get bogged down in the day-to-day of caring for patients and running a business. But as you continue to grow, at some point or another, you realize that you can’t keep all the plates spinning at the same time. And that is when it’s time to hire help! 

But don’t zone out just yet. Even though you think you can continue doing it on your own, consider this: how much time have you actually spent doing the things you’re most passionate about? Things that are within your zone of genius? 

I bet most of your work week was spent doing busywork that could have been outsourced to someone else. Even though it’s hard to let go of the things you are SURE that no one else can do (or at least you think so) but have you ever tried it? Do you have the right systems in place to ensure the tasks are done well?

And the biggest question is…. how can you learn to delegate efficiently so that you can focus more on delivering great patient outcomes? 

Well, I’m glad you asked! ☺ Today, we’re getting into the nitty gritty of hiring and how to know when you should start that process. You’ll learn to identify the signs that you need help, discover how to do it effectively and affordably, and give yourself the freedom to focus more on high-level work that allows you to shine AND have time leftover to enjoy life!

Gold Nuggets

  • (1:09) Why almost every solo practitioner ends up needing help eventually
  • (6:15) The value of hiring a virtual assistant
  • (8:17) The top 5 signs that it’s time to recruit help
  • (23:49) How to quickly train new hires to complete even the most complicated tasks
  • (26:16) How to tell if you should learn a new skill yourself – or enlist an expert to make your life easier


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