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032: How To Get Paid For What You Do!

As a wellness practitioner, you have the incredible privilege and ability to cause a complete transformation in someone’s life. Your unique perspective about how to resolve a looming health condition is incredibly valuable. But the question is…. How much is that worth? What is the right fee to charge for your service?

By nature, we want to serve, to help, to make an impact. But this can become our downfall when it comes to charging what we’re worth. When a patient really needs our help but can’t afford our services, it’s soooooo tempting to offer a discount, or just give it all away for free. But this isn’t the best solution. 

In today’s podcast, I want to challenge you to think a bit differently about what you do and the service you provide. Your ability to radically transform someone’s life is worth every single penny! It’s time for you to feel 100% confident about the amount you charge for your services and the incredible value you bring to the patient who has the privilege of working with you.


Gold Nuggets

  • (1:03) Why it’s so easy for us to discount our fees, our products, or our care – and why this never works out well.
  • (6:28) How to stop being uncomfortable with the money conversation and charge what you’re worth.
  • (8:30) Three simple questions to ask yourself before you take on a new patient.
  • (12:00) Basic pricing guidelines you can implement right away.

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