How to Create a Facebook Live Routine You’ll Love (and Keep!)

When you became a holistic healthcare practitioner, you likely did it because you love helping others. There’s certainly nothing more satisfying than being able to help a patient live their healthiest life. Simply put – this is your life’s calling.

But you know that in order to serve more patients, you have to reach new audiences. To do that, you have to let potential patients know you exist. And you need to show them how your services can transform their lives.

This is much easier said than done – and I know how uncomfortable this can feel.

You love to serve, but putting yourself out there makes you nervous. The thought of sales and marketing stirs up feelings of dread. You want others to know how you can help them – but you don’t want to come across as sales-y.

You know that social media can help you reach a wider audience and you’ve wanted to try going Live, but you aren’t sure where to start or how to fit it into your already packed schedule.

Well, help is here, my friend. Below are six simple ways you can create a Facebook Live routine you’ll love and look forward to each day.

1. Be Consistent

Marie Forleo was spot on when she said, “Success doesn’t come from what you do occasionally. It comes from what you do consistently.”

Being consistent in what matters creates habits, and those habits lead you to success. It may not feel super glamorous or earth-shattering, but making those small steps every day does indeed add up to success.

Your consistency also impacts your patients and potential patients. Regularly showing up reinforces that you’re reliable and stable. It shows your viewers that you can be counted on. You already demonstrate this to your current patients in how you serve them. But how do you show this to potential patients? By showing up on Facebook Lives at the same time each day and every day.

It’s a genuine game-changer for your practice.

2. Keep It Short

Quite possibly the best part of doing Facebook Lives is that it does not require a ton of time! You don’t need to be on camera for an hour or even half an hour. Keeping it to a trim 5-7 minutes is more than enough!

Keeping your Live short has two main benefits.

  • The first is that it helps your audience stay engaged. As amazing as your message may be, with folks’ short attention spans and busy schedules, your viewers may not have the time or capacity to sit through long lectures.
  • The second benefit is for you! By only going Live for a few minutes a day, you’ve taken the pressure off yourself to do massive preparation.

Going Live is much more approachable and sustainable when you keep it short.

3. Make It Part of Your Day

If you’re like me, you probably find yourself wishing there were more hours in the day. Growing a practice and serving your patients takes a lot of focus, time, and attention. So, when you consider adding something new into your already-packed day, what should you do?

Since we’re only talking about doing a 5-7 minute Live, you don’t have to look for huge time blocks. Instead, consider where your best energy is.

Are you a morning person?

An evening person?

Or maybe you’re the most energized during your afternoon walk?

Since your Live involves reaching potential patients, you’ll want to choose a time when you can put your best foot forward. Choose a time during your day when you feel the least distracted and can channel that awesome energy of yours toward the patients you want to attract.

4. Use What You Already Know

You might be thinking, “What in the world do I talk about?” When thinking of topics, keep it as simple as you can. Look to where you already have the answers. Here are a couple of ideas:

  • What are the most frequently asked questions you get in your practice?
  • What are your patients constantly confused or worried about?
  • What’s a fun article or topic you’ve read about lately?

As you think of ideas, jot them down in a notebook or on your phone. This way, you can keep a running log and ensure you never run out of ideas.

5. Mistakes Are OK

It can feel intimidating to go on Facebook Live in front of an unknown audience. You want to be perfect and polished. You want to sound professional and helpful.

But the reality is – you’re going to make mistakes.

Whether it’s tripping over your words or accidentally spilling your coffee, something is bound to happen. And when it does, that’s OK! Keep right on going with your Live. This shows you’re authentic, and your viewers will love that you’re keeping it real.

6. Be Mindful of What You Do Before Your Facebook Live

Think of a time when you’ve been late for an appointment. You’re rushed and frantic. Maybe you zipped through traffic and bolted through the parking lot into the office. You felt frazzled and distracted. And you found it challenging to be fully present for your morning appointment.

In a similar way, what you do before a Facebook Live plays a big role in the quality of your Live. One idea is to set up a mini-routine before you go Live. For example, if you go Live in the mornings, consider spending the 10-minutes beforehand doing some breathing exercises, journaling gratitude, or repeating power statements to yourself. This gets you in the right frame of mind and helps your Live broadcast flow more naturally.

Practice Leads to Routine

The first few times you go Live on Facebook, it might feel a little awkward or uncomfortable. But keep at it. Consistently showing up will help you iron out the wrinkles and serve your audience more authentically and with greater confidence.

Even if you’re still feeling a little nervous, just make the commitment to DO IT! It’s a wonderful way to love and serve your patients – while also reaching new ones. You’re an amazing practitioner who has so much to offer your community. It’s time your prospective patients see it.

You got this!

Ronda Nelson Smiling

Hi, I’m Ronda Nelson and I help wellness practitioners grow thriving, profitable practices that allow them to work with ease, live a life they love and make an income they can be proud of.

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