198: Questions Prospective Patients Are Too Afraid to Ask

Have you ever had a question about something that you were just too hesitant to ask? Depending on the situation, asking can feel slightly awkward so we often just avoid it all together. And it’s no different with your prospective patients. They often have questions rolling around in their mind yet don’t feel comfortable enough to come right out and ask them.

So how can we make it easier for them to get their questions answered before they even ask them? The more you know about your ideal patient, the easier this becomes. When you can easily talk about the elephant in the room (money, time, results, expectations, etc.), the result is an abundance of trust and good will.

This podcast is a must-listen if you want to help your prospective patients feel confident that you’ve got their back and can help them achieve their health goals. You’ll hear my curated list of 20 questions to ask, putting you in the driver’s seat and helping your patient feel much more comfortable working with you. 💪


In this episode you’ll learn:

👉 How to help a prospective patient feel more comfortable working with you.

👉 How to communicate your expertise and approach in a friendly, approachable manner.

👉 How to address the elephant in the room with my list of ‘20 questions.’

👉 How to increase patient engagement and create streamlined consultations.



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