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005: Using Facebook Live to Build Your Audience with Dr. Bart Precourt

Almost every medical practitioner who’s wanted to grow their practice has turned to Facebook at some point over the last five years in search of great new patients. However, there are many different ways to use the platform, and not all of them produce a clear return on investment. Simply buying some expensive ads may get you in front of people, but they may not be the patients you really want – if they become patients at all.

Dr. Bart Precourt, owner of Balanced Health Studio in Florida, used Facebook to transform his clinic and find more of his perfect patients than ever before. Instead of making a massive ad spend, he uses Facebook Live to cultivate authority in his field, consistently reaching over 40,000 people in an authentic and effective way, and reliably win new business – and it only takes up 5-7 minutes of his day.

Today, Bart joins the podcast to walk us through how he developed his winning strategy, made it sustainable, and used it to grow his practice like nothing he’d ever used before – without ever being “sales-y.”


Gold Nuggets

  • How Bart discovered the power of Facebook Live by sending an accidental yet motivational message out into the world.
  • What Bart does to find topics to discuss on Facebook Live.
  • Why it’s okay if a live video doesn’t go well, or as planned – and how these accidents can keep you authentic while fostering connections.
  • How simple gestures, like reacting to comments on social media, can help you win new business.
  • The tools Bart uses to reliably produce quality Live videos.



I’m a chiropractor and when people talked about going virtual, my brain said that won't work for me because I adjust every single patient. But I realized I have another gift, which is my voice. - Dr. Bart Precourt Share on X



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