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The value of listening...


When it comes to listening to your patients, are you being an intentional listener?

Sometimes we just want to cut to the chase and tell them what they need to know. But a better option may be to step back and listen a little differently.

Instead, listen to what's NOT being said and look for ways to dig a little deeper. Once you have more info, it may change the entire trajectory of how you direct their care.

So how can you be a better listener? Here are a few key things you can do! 👇👇

I hope this helps inspire you to be a more intentional listener when working with your patients. It will pay off, I promise!

One last thing... I'd love for you to join me for a one-time webinar on Tuesday, May 31st at 9am PDT!

Here's what it's about:

📽️ Title: How to Use Online Programs and Courses to Achieve Better Client Outcomes with Practice Better

Click here to register! Regardless of whether you have a virtual or brick-and-mortar practice, you'll come away with some great nuggets from this short training!

So be sure to register today and tune in on Tuesday, May 31st!

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