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002: How a Crisis Helped Me Find My Superpower

We all have stories running around in our heads stopping us from taking the plunge and starting the businesses of our dreams. We may believe that we don’t know enough about accounting, or how to hire people, or how we’ll get enough great patients to have the success and live the life we’ve always wanted.

Before I became a clinician, I worked in small business accounting. However, when my daughter was diagnosed with terminal bone cancer, I discovered my superpower. This experience would lead me back to school, and ultimately to opening my clinic in 2004. In the years to come, I’d build a successful practice, but I made a number of mistakes along the way.

In today’s episode of the podcast, I’m sharing the story of how I launched my business, the challenges I faced, and the common concerns I hear from aspiring clinicians. If you’re looking to start a business of your own, I hope my journey can provide you with wisdom and guidance to help you achieve success on your terms.


Gold Nuggets

  • How my family’s journey around health and nutrition ultimately led me to launch my practice.
  • Why you should not pursue any business opportunity that you’re not absolutely passionate about – and how trying to enter the world of aesthetics put me in nearly $500,000 of debt.
  • How clinicians can grow a thriving, scalable practice while staying in their lane.



“Whatever people have said, or whatever you believe about yourself, none of that has to be true if you say it's not true.” – Dr. Ronda Nelson Click To Tweet


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