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036: Why You Should Prequalify Your Patients

We’ve all had this happen: a patient schedules a new appointment, and everything’s an argument. They push back on you about everything. Dr. Google has taught them more about a condition than you know. They fight over the price of supplements. It’s problem after problem after problem, and it never gets better. Your only options are to tolerate this relationship or terminate it.

Fortunately, there’s an easy way to stop this from happening: by prequalifying your patients. But how do we do that? 

Today, we’re talking about how to put processes, systems, and procedures into place to set clear expectations when a patient first calls your office. This provides the patients with a clear message that you’re not messing around AND you’re serious about making sure that every single patient is a good fit.


Gold Nuggets

  • (1:12) The importance of keeping patients that don’t align with you, your goals, and your way of practice out of your life. 
  • (3:02) Why you should incorporate patient screening questions into your intake process.
  • (5:22) How a free 15-minute screening call can tell you everything you need to know about whether the patient will be a good fit…. or not
  • (6:36) 10 questions I ask every new patient as part of my pre-screening process.


“It’s better to screen up front, so that you don't have to deal with a problem later.” - Ronda Nelson Share on X



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