108: Why I Got Triggered, Lost My Confidence… And What I Did to Get It Back

Several weeks ago, I had an “I-never-want-to-have-that-happen-again” experience with a patient that left me with a serious dose of Imposter Syndrome. 🥺

It happens to all of us, right? A patient disagrees with you and starts to argue and push back, tossing out facts, figures, what they heard on the news, and why they think you’re absolutely wrong. It can leave you feeling a little (or a lot) less confident than you were before.

But here’s the truth.

Eleanor Roosevelt said, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent,” and she’s absolutely right! By allowing someone to steal your confidence and knock you off your game, everyone loses – even your patients.

Listen in to hear how I pulled myself out of the confidence ditch in just a few days and got myself back on track. And I’ll share a secret trick that will help you hold on to your confidence no matter what’s happening around you!

Because people shouldn’t live rent-free in your head. It’s time to board up the doors and keep that from happening ever again! 🤞


Gold Nuggets

  • (3:58) Just like happy is a choice, confidence is a choice.
  • (5:11) Mistakes are merely information.
  • (6:40) Don’t allow others to rain on your parade.
  • (8:47) What you can do, today!


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