096: Confidence, Courage, and the Process of Reinvention with Jude Charles

When asked how he started his business, Jude likes to say he’s “just a 17-year-old kid who borrowed his teacher’s courage.” Fast-forward 15 years and his video production business is still going strong! 👏👏👏

Now, he’s niched down to capturing the stories of entrepreneurs and is passionate about empowering business owners to have relentless, unwavering courage. 🦁

But here’s the distinction: not only does he produce amazing videos for his clients, but he genuinely serves them in a much deeper way. By connecting with what their needs actually are, he’s not just creating a video about them… he’s learned how to lead them toward what they want most in life and business.

In today’s candid and very deep conversation, I get specific with Jude Charles about a number of things, but mainly why confidence and courage are SO vital to have as a business owner. We also talked about why aaaaall entrepreneurs need someone to chat with (cough, cough, a therapist) because entrepreneurship is a reflection of the health of your real life. #truthbomb

There’s soooo much gold in this interview! You are going to LOVE it!

Time to head to your favorite listening platform and enjoy! 🎧


Gold Nuggets

  • (2:09) How a teacher with an envelope changed his life.
  • (5:15) A million-dollar video redirected Jude’s trajectory.
  • (8:17) The key to ‘closing a sale’ and validating your worth.
  • (22:18) Jude’s battle with burnout and a significant internal struggle.
  • (26:20) What Jude’s clients ACTUALLY hire him for….


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