119: Create The Perfect Lead Magnet in 5 Easy Steps

After much deliberation, you’ve finally settled on the perfect niche. The only question that remains is how to actually make it work.

One very powerful way you can grab the attention of your niche is with a Lead Magnet. 


It’s not a real magnet, of course, but it’s a piece of marketing that acts like one. Even if you’re not familiar with the term, you’re surely familiar with the concept – a free resource offered in exchange for an email address!

I do it all the time… IF I think the information will help me move the needle and solve a problem. Just this week, I gave up my email address in exchange for a marketing report (snoozefest, I know!).

When was the last time you gave up personal contact information in exchange for something? What did you get in exchange for providing it?

This week on the Clinical Entrepreneur podcast, I’m talking about the amazing power of a good Lead Magnet and the important role it plays in your marketing/sales funnel.

I walk you through the process of creating a Lead Magnet and give you 5 actionable steps for creating your own lead magnet and getting it out there… in under 5 hours! 💃


This podcast is for you if:

  • You’ve decided on a niche and you’re thinking, “Now what?!”
  • You don’t know what the heck a Lead Magnet is
  • You don’t know what a marketing/sales funnel is
  • You aren’t using a Lead Magnet as part of your marketing strategy
  • You’re using a Lead Magnet, but it’s not attracting patients!!
  • You want to start marketing but you feel overwhelmed – ughh

If this sounds like you, grab your podcast essentials (☕& 🍪) and that fancy notebook 📓✏️ you never use (admit it, you have one) because you’re going to want to take notes today!


Gold Nuggets

  • (3:07) Get noticed! A story about capturing your audience’s attention 👀
  • (6:00) What is a lead magnet? 💵⚡🧲
  • (10:30) A BIG list of creative LM ideas! 💡
  • (17:35) Be YOU(nique) – make it personal, make it valuable 💰
  • (22:00) Perfect is the enemy of done – setting limits to streamline success 👊


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