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Have you ever had a "Staycation"?


Finding time to go off the grid is good for the mind and the soul!

A recent staycation at a local hotel gave me just the perspective I needed to tackle some challenging business issues that needed to be addressed.

When you're stuck in the normal day-to-day busyness of 'life', it's hard to even hear yourself think, much less solve a pressing problem. Our brains need time to be quiet and allow the dust to settle.

If you're feeling stuck, overwhelmed, and not sure what to do next in your practice, Business Coaching Collaborative provides you with the resources to grow your practice - on your terms - so you don't have to expend all that brain energy to figure it out on your own!

Click right here for all the details, cost, dates, and more!

"I can’t thank Ronda enough for her help inside the BCC program. It wasn’t always easy, but it worked and is still working. I strongly encourage you to sign up and do the coaching!

As a bonus, you will get to know other practitioners in the meetings and form friendships with them. They really support you when you feel you are at your wits end.

My deepest thanks and admiration for Ronda!"  - Dr. Katie Thompson

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