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Choosing a side - polarity can be a good thing!


Have you ever made a decision that you knew was probably not the best one, but it was what everyone around you expected or wanted?

Peer pressure and societal expectations can be weighty for sure.

It takes guts and jutzpah to stand up against the mainstream opinions and expose your own.

Especially when it comes to how you care for patients in your practice.

Do you have a set of core beliefs that you absolutely will NOT compromise on? Things that require you to draw a hard, uncompromising line, even if it's not the most popular decision?

This my friend, is an essential component of the growth of your practice.

Without it, you'll simply blend in with the rest of the fish swimming in the big, overcrowded pond.

So what's your polarizing opinion?

Shoot me a quick text and tell me what your polarizing opinion is. I can't wait to hear! Simply click here to opt into our text messaging community. You will receive a text from me when you sign up, and then we can start the conversation!


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