154: The Practitioner’s Guide to Using Quality Mushrooms: How to Spot the Imposters with Lee Carroll (Part 3)

In the final episode of my 3-part interview with Lee Carroll, he is definitely not holding back! Not only is Lee spilling all the little-known ‘quality secrets’ about the mushroom industry, he’s basically giving us an Insider’s Guide for which products are the best and where to find them. 🍄

As a practitioner, you need to know which products are going to work, and work well. And just like any industry, there will be bad actors that promote their products using slick marketing tactics but at the end of the day, the results simply won’t be there.

In this eye-opening episode, Lee Carroll, our trusted Mushroom Maestro, exposes the current mushroom narrative for what it is and then shows us what to look for when searching for clinically effective mushroom products.

You’ll learn his most valuable tips and tricks (as well as the biggest red flags 🚩) for sourcing high-quality mushrooms that deliver optimal patient outcomes every single time.

Join us for the grand finale of our mushroom adventure as we unmask the mysteries of the mushroom market to help you to make the right recommendations for your patients and source the best possible mushroom supplements possible.

Don’t miss out on this explosive episode! 💥


Gold Nuggets 

  • (2:39) The scandalous “modern way” of using mushrooms. 😞
  • (6:15) How most companies create their “mushroom” products. 😱
  • (13:09) Questions to ask your supplement rep. ✋
  • (18:13) Why it’s important to get quality products. 💩
  • (20:45) How to build out your own niche with mushrooms. 💥


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