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022: Tech Tools That Make Security Easy with Jeff Evenson – Part 2

Last week, tech expert Jeff Evenson joined the podcast to talk about some of the most common ways that healthcare practitioners fall victim to hackers and data thieves. If you haven’t listened to that episode yet, I’d highly recommend you do so before diving into today’s. And don’t worry if you don’t consider yourself tech-minded – Jeff is extraordinarily good at simplifying the issues and explaining them in ways that are actionable and easy to understand. 

This week, Jeff and I continue our conversation about how to set strong passwords, best practices for avoiding malware (aka computer viruses), and which tools provide the greatest protection of your privacy!


Gold Nuggets

  • How all of our passwords for websites and services create major security issues – and why you should use a password manager like LastPass both in your clinic and in your personal life.
  • How to protect yourself from “insider threats,” including rogue employees.
  • How to prevent malware from compromising your computers.
  • How to safely and securely use cloud services.
  • Why you should always enable 2 Factor Authentication.



A good CEO decision is to keep your password to yourself. - @DrRondaNelson Click To Tweet Don't be so quick to click on stuff that shows up on your screen. Slow down. Understand the context before you click on something. - Jeff Evenson Click To Tweet


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