179: The Business of Wellness: Orso Pro and Beyond with Chris Lippe

What if I told you there’s an all-natural product out there that can add a significant amount of revenue to your practice AND would provide almost instant pain wherever it’s needed? Doesn’t sound like the two would go together, but they do.

Most patients are experiencing some type of pain. Whether it’s joint pain, abdominal pain/discomfort, muscle pain, the list goes on. In a world saturated with products that make the ‘promise’ of quick pain relief, many of them don’t deliver. But the brand-new product we’re talking about today is something you’ve likely never heard of before. And this one absolutely delivers on its pain relief promise!

In this episode, my dear friend Chris Lippe and I chat about patients, their pain, and of course, the business side of owning a practice. Chris is a successful (and a serial) entrepreneur for decades, including working in the food-based supplement space.

And when this almost ‘too good to be true’ pain relief product found its way into his world, well, the rest is history. Now, as the Director of Business Operations, Chris has a lot to say about their flagship and [drumroll please] practitioner-only product: Orso Pro True Relief. 🌿

Now, before you bag out, assuming this is just a big sales pitch, hang on just a sec. I am a HUGE fan of this product (and so is my rotator cuff…) so I wanted to share it with you. And when Chris starts talking, business begins to happen in a good way! (He’s kind of like the business whisperer!)

So, give this episode a listen and let me know what you think. You’ll hear why I’m such a big fan girl of Orso…. and my friend Chris!

Let’s talk a little clinical AND a little business, shall we? This episode is definitely worth the listen! 💥


In this episode you’ll hear:

👉 How this revolutionary product can be your friendly sidekick, transforming the way you approach pain.

👉More about the common misconceptions around CBD oil.

👉The unique features that make this product a must-have in everyone’s health kit.

👉How Chris was able to take Orso Pro to new heights.



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