124: 5 Ways to Get More Patient Referrals By Creating an Exceptional Patient Experience

Let me ask you this:

What do you think your patients say about you?? 

If asked, they might say things like:

🗣 “She’s always really friendly.”

🗣 “He helped me get to the bottom of that joint pain.”

🗣 “The herbal blend she recommended is actually working – it’s great.”

🗣 “Yeah she’s been pretty great – you should try her!”

But here’s the problem… that’s only IF someone asks about you!

Butttt, what if people just couldn’t keep their mouths shut about how wonderful you were??

What could that mean for your business?

The answer → A LOT!! 🔥🔥🔥

Today on the Clinical Entrepreneur Podcast, I’m sharing 5 Ways to Dazzle Your Patients & get them talking about you at:

🗣 Dinner parties & social events

🗣 Family holiday gatherings

🗣 School drop-off & pick-up lines

These are things you can start doing this week that don’t take much money or time! 

Little personal touches (when they’re least expected) that will set you apart from the rest. 

So, what are you waiting for… let’s get those patients talking shall we?!

warning → you may want to grab a snack because there’s talk of charcuterie boards & fancy fudges. But don’t worry… I’m not suggesting you host dinner parties or load your patients up with unhealthy treats. 

Or am I???

You’ll just have to listen for the full scoop. 🍫🫒


Gold Nuggets

  • (2:25) Have You Nailed These Patient Experience Essentials?? 📋
  • (3:30) What is the “Surprise & Delight” Factor?! 🤔
  • (5:34) 5 Ways to Go Above & Beyond 🔥
  • (5:35) #1: A Personal Call or Gift that will WOW your patient 📲
  • (8:25) #2: The Game-Changing Note Card You Should Be Sending ✍️
  • (8:25) #3: The Key to Every Patient’s Heart 🍪
  • (13:15) #4: The Friendly Walk & Talk That Could Transform Your Practice 🗣
  • (14:30) #5: Send This to Your Patients After Their First Month 📚
  • (18:53) Action Steps to Boost Referrals ASAP 📆


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