088: 5 Common Email Mistakes You Should Always Avoid

I recently asked a group of practitioners if they send regular emails to their patients. And guess what? CRICKETS! 🦗 (mostly)

I was shocked! Sending regular emails to your patients is one of the most effective, but under-used, ways to market to your patients and stay top of mind. 🧠

Here’s how it plays out: you have a patient come in, they get better (woohoo!) and off they go to live their life. You might even see them every now and then, when you’re running errands or at your kid’s school events. But nothing more than that.

Then, several years go by and you don’t seem to cross paths anymore. You’re still in the same town but for some reason, you just miss each other. And then one day, they get sick and can’t for the life of them remember how to contact you…. so they find someone else to work with.

It happens all the time. Patients move on because they never heard from you. So sad. But this can be easily remedied by sending regular emails. 📥

You don’t have to overwhelm their inbox by any means but sending an email every week or two could be the golden ticket to have those inactive patients return back to your practice years later. 🎫

So, to help you get this ball rolling, I’m talking about the incredible benefits of email communication AND 5 common mistakes you’ll want to avoid at all costs.

I guarantee, if you’re not seeing a patient in your office, the next best place you can be is in their inbox! 📨


Gold Nuggets

  • (4:00) The one thing you should NEVER do.
  • (5:30) Make sure your emails come from the right person.
  • (8:21) How to scrub your list and get rid of the dead weight.
  • (12:15) The biggest reason people join your email list.
  • (14:08) Why a CTA is so important.


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