001: How to Powerfully Define Your Brand with Michael Liebowitz

As healthcare practitioners, we have our fields, practices, and our patients. At some point in our careers, we’ve also all explained what we do to someone in a way that we thought was clear and easy to understand, then learned that our explanation was anything but.

There’s a lot that can get messed up in translating what we say we do and how the public perceives what we do, and this is where my friend Michael Liebowitz’s genius comes in. Michael is the founder of Magnetic Mind Studio, where he uses his background in behavioral neurology and his deep knowledge of neuro linguistic programming (NLP) to help his clients discover truly unique, resonant brand identities.

Michael completely changed the way I looked at business and the message I convey to the world, and if you’re looking to rebrand or create a fresher look for your brand, his services are game-changing.

Today, he joins the podcast to talk about the unique intersection between marketing and behavioral neurology, how to map pathways to understand how your audience perceives you, and how to create a living, breathing brand with five senses that speaks to the part of the human brain that really makes decisions.

P.S. Michael is willing to hop on the phone with you at no charge to help you get a sense of what your brand really looks like. He digs deep, asks incredible questions, and guarantees that you’ll come away with a new insight about your business – even if you don’t decide to work together! Simply visit his website to schedule a conversation.


Gold Nuggets

  • What happens when people encounter brands – and why human beings make survival decisions instead of rational ones every single time.
  • The basic neurology of the survival brain – and what it really means when someone says that all sales are emotional.
  • Why features and benefits rarely help you make a sale – and how to reach your target audience’s “critter brain” to silence maybes, engender loyalty, and bring in a steady stream of great referrals.
  • Why any two medical providers in the same field aren’t in direct competition when they’ve mastered their messaging.

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