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Why we need social media...


It's easy to dismiss using social media as a medium to build your practice, largely because of the extreme censorship that has been occurring. But many of our patients are still using social media to stay connected and trying to find tidbits of truth that will help them navigate the challenges all of us are facing.

And that's why this is a PERFECT time for you to leverage your favorite social media channel and begin sharing your perspective about topics that are pertinent to your ideal patients. Things like how to boost your immune system, the role of the microbiome and immunity, the importance of diet during times of stress, using adaptogens to help you cope, etc...

Here's why social media is more important than ever!

People who are questioning the narrative are looking for someone to be their leader - someone who understands what's happening better than they do and can help them make better choices about their health.

So come hang out with me on Facebook every Monday morning at 9am PDT for more practice building tips that will help you serve your patients even better, and grow a profitable practice that you love.

I've got your back my friend. We're in this together!


P.S. Here's where you can find me on Facebook and Instagram. Looking forward to seeing you over there next week!

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