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It's time for a little show and tell!


We loooooove watching the miraculous transformations that take place in our patients. And they love being the recipient of your knowledge and expertise to guide them along their health journey.

Inside the four walls of your clinic or in a virtual meeting, their interaction with you is much the same every time. But there's another layer to your relationship that could dramatically improve their overall experience and improve their clinical outcomes: getting to know more about YOU as a person.

What they want to know is... what kind of food do YOU eat for breakfast? What foods would they find in YOUR grocery cart? How do YOU wind down at the end of the day?

This is what I like to call "Show and Tell."

Here are a few of my favorite video tools that make it super easy without feeling like you're under a microscope:

Scissor Arm Phone Mount
Gooseneck Phone Stand
Selfie Stick

By pulling back the curtain and showing them a little peek inside your real life, you'll build greater trust and inspire them to keep going... just like their fearless leader! 😉

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