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Which Patients Light You Up?


Have you ever looked at your schedule first thing in the morning and heaved a big, heavy sigh when you realized who you had to see that day? We've all been there.

Some patients are undeniably harder to work with, but others are an absolute delight.

Without a clear understanding of the type of patient YOU really love working with, you may end up attracting more of the ones that aren't a great fit.

Let's help you figure out which patients you LOVE to serve and how to get more of them!

Now it's time to find your new Practice Growth Journal and write down your 5-10 favorite patients.

Nothing else to do for now.

Next week, we'll take our journey one step further and I'll give you your next steps!

2021 is going to be YOUR YEAR my friend! And I can't wait to be on the journey with you!

Much love,

P.S. If you LOVE conquests and the Hero's Journey, here's a planner you might enjoy! I just discovered it and LOVE it!

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