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Keeping track of your appointments...


For many practitioners, their appointment book is a bit like a rollercoaster ride - one week it's looking pretty full and then within just a few days, it's not. This can be mentally and emotionally exhausting!

Arguably, every appointment book will have its ebbs and flows, ups and downs. Patients have to go out of town, get sick, or have financial issues that require them to postpone their appointment.

But how well are you keeping track of those missed or rescheduled appointments? I'll share my favorite front desk strategy for making sure every patient is followed up with quickly and easily!

By keeping track of your missed and cancelled appointments, your patients will feel loved and well taken care of and you'll have an appointment book that's full and looking great!

So go create that tracking form and then look back over the past few months for patients who may have dropped off your radar. They will likely appreciate the phone call!

Talk soon,

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