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Being Relatable...


Have you ever spent time with someone who you didn't quite connect with? You may have felt like they were talking over your head or not fully engaged in the conversation - like they were somewhere else.

And if we're not careful, our patients can feel left out of the conversation as well. Speaking in terms they don't understand, or providing information fire-hose style on the first visit can leave them feeling overwhelmed and most importantly, unseen.

But there's an easy solution to remedy this situation, both in the office and online.

So while you're working on becoming a bit more authentic inside your clinic, you might want to make sure your external or online presence reflects the same. And there's no better indicator than by having an abundance of positive online reviews.

This demonstrates to your prospective visitors that you are relatable, a great connector, and are genuinely interested in providing exceptional care for your patients.

When you become 'relatable,' your business does as well. And that my friend, is what a thriving practice looks like.

Have an amazing week!

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