146: How to Use Shopify to Boost Your Practice Revenue

Have you ever found yourself chatting with someone and over the course of the conversation, you end up making a supplement recommendation, only to realize they’ll go find it somewhere online and you just lost out on the revenue? It happens to all of us. That’s why having your own private and easy-to-use Shopify account will help you increase your practice revenue and capture those lost sales, for good.

Because let’s be real. Big box retailers such as Amazon are hard to resist. Free delivery, overnight shipping, and no-hassle refunds are pretty irresistible. And when it comes to ordering nutritional supplements, getting them ASAP is a priority. Your casual conversation friend isn’t going to wait around for you to email later that day with more details about how to order and where to ship. 📦⏰

That’s why this week’s podcast episode is all about why having a private Shopify store with all of your favorite products will make it super easy for patients to order from you on the spot! You’ll get paid for the recommendations you make AND it’s super easy for them! You can make your Shopify store private, meaning it’s only available to those who have the link. This will keep you in compliance with vendor agreements prohibiting online selling.

There are sooooooo many more great reasons to hop on the Shopify train but I’ll highlight my top 5 so you can get the full scoop on why you need to jump on this ASAP!

Join me for this exciting episode packed with information that can really move the needle in your practice, and take your practice to the next level using Shopify! 💰💰


Gold Nuggets 

  • (1:54) Why a second revenue stream is essential 💸💸
  • (4:57) How to monetize your clinical insights.  💪
  • (6:19) Ronda’s going on a rant.. 😡
  • (10:43) Here’s where Shopify comes in. 📦
  • (15:29) Learn to strike while the iron is hot! 🔥


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