201: Tips for Managing Inventory

Do you find that you have more supplements in your cupboard or on the shelves in your office than you can reasonably use? Or even worse, bottles that have long since expired? 💊 Managing your inventory of supplements or other retail products can be challenging at best.

We get excited about a certain supplement, ordering more than we need and then promptly forget how to use it. It languishes on the shelf, slowly moving toward its untimely expiration date until we have to give it away or throw it away. #guilty Not a great business model.

But inventory management doesn’t have to be a complicated chess game. With a little knowledge about how to keep your inventory organized, you’ll be able to streamline your process, keep your costs down, and still provide what your clients need.

Join me on this episode to discover the best practices for managing your inventory—whether you’re running a physical clinic, a virtual practice, or a bit of both. Say goodbye to wasted money and hello to a smooth-running inventory system. 👋

Don’t let inventory headaches drag you down! Let’s fix those missteps and get your shelves working for you. ⚡


In this episode you’ll hear:

👉 How to pick the right supplements for your practice and avoid overstocking.

👉 Tricks to keep your inventory turning over without throwing away cash.

👉 Tips for managing virtual or hybrid practices without a headache.

👉 How to keep your inventory and accounting on the same page to avoid surprises.



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