099: Three Empowering Questions to Help You Break the Cycle

I recently attend a Mastermind retreat and celebrated a BIG milestone birthday (cheers to turning 21 again! 🥳), which led me to zoom out a bit and take a 30,000-foot look at where I am heading – in my life and my business.

As the first session of the Mastermind began, we were asked three very poignant questions, right off the bat. And each one of them came loaded with some really hard, but important revelations that I want to share.

All of us have been caught in the cycle of “I want… or I need…. or I should… (fill in the blank).” Whether you want to grow your practice, make more money, pay off debt, or spend more time with the fam, we often get stuck always “wanting” but never actually doing.

What’s missing is the action step. 🥴

And that’s literally THE most important part. Without taking action, it’s highly likely that nothing will change. EVER. 🚫

And because of this, we end up with a “to-do” list a mile long that keeps us busy but we never actually make progress toward what we really want to accomplish. It’s a vicious cycle.

But this is not a one-way ticket on the Guilt Trip Express, I promise. Because honestly, I’m right there with you, feeling the same things. 💺

Here’s the big question: “If nothing changes, will you be happy with where you are one year from now?”

If the answer is no, buckle up. Cuz we’re gonna get serious about changing this around – and we’re gonna do it together. 🫶🏻


Gold Nuggets

  • (2:08) Three questions that got me thinking…
  • (7:00) If something is no longer serving you, it could be blocking you from forward progress.
  • (11:37) Sometimes it’s scary taking a step in the right direction.
  • (13:15) What’s one of your big goals for next year?


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