134: Repurposing Your Content: How to Turn One Simple Video Into Ten Pieces of Content or More!

Today, I’m busting one of the biggest myths there is around content & social media.

It’s the idea that you need to create *BRAND NEW* content over, and over, and over, and over again.

You don’t need to spend tons of time coming up with new ideas to keep your social media feed fresh, only to have it slip away into social oblivion just a few days (or even hours) later. 🙅‍♀️🎪

And that doesn’t even count the time it would take writing weekly emails or an SEO-rich blog once in a while!

That’s why I’m sharing my #1 best-kept secret when it comes to staying visible and looking like you’re the practitioner who shows up everywhere online how to repurpose a single piece of content and turn it into GOLD.

Content repurposing is the art of taking *one* piece of content and squeezing out every last drop of info in order to produce a ton of share-worthy content that will help grow your business.

And today, I’m giving you 10+ ways to put this new strategy into action. I’ll walk you through exactly how to create your first piece of content from scratch, and then loads of creative ways to repurpose it.

So, press “play”, and let’s get to it!


Gold Nuggets

  • (3:00) WHY Repurposing Content WORKS 🤔
  • (4:10) Start with THIS Type of Content 📽️
  • (10:20) 12 Ways to Repurpose ONE Piece of Content 🔥
  • (17:40) Have You Tried This Trending Type of Post Yet? 🎠
  • (22:20) Creative (+affordable) Ways to Get Some Extra Help 🧑‍💻


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