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021: Preventing Hackers From Obtaining Patient Information with Jeff Evenson – Part 1

The internet allows us to connect with patients like never before – but it also gives bad actors an extraordinary opportunity to compromise our devices and data. Our homes and offices are full of incredible software and hardware, but if you fail to follow basic security practices, you could easily fall prey to attacks that could have serious impacts on your practice and your patients’ lives.

Today’s guest, Jeff Evenson, is my guide to all things nerdy and techy, and he’s here to explain all of this in plain English. He was a cryptologist in the U.S. Navy for 20 years, holds a Bachelor’s in Computer and Information Sciences, a Master’s in Health Arts and Sciences, and has extensive experience in telecommunications, finance, information security, and healthcare. He’s certified in RT, does Reiki, and knows the alternative medicine world just as well as he knows cybersecurity – and thus understands the very real risks that alternative medicine practitioners face.

In part one of a two part series, Jeff and I discuss security as it pertains to incoming data, the inherent security risks we all face on the internet, and how to keep prying eyes away from your patient data.


Gold Nuggets

  • Why no one should leave the default password set on their home or office router – and how to secure your home network. 
  • How to create a strong password and what services to use if you can’t remember your passwords. 
  • What an Internet of Things (IoT) device is – and how these pose a significant security risk. 
  • How to take action when you find out that a device you own has been affected by a security vulnerability.



My rule of thumb is, for password complexity, at least 14 characters long or longer, and use a sentence if it helps you remember what the password might be. - Jeff Evenson Share on X I would always encourage people to turn on the automatic updates. At least the automatic updates will update the critical vulnerabilities that are identified every month.- Jeff Evenson Share on X



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