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012: 10 Signs That Your Patient Isn’t a Good Fit and How to Let Them Go

As you build your practice, you want to make sure that you’re finding and connecting with the right patients. But what do you do when you have patients in your practice that aren’t a good fit? How do you let them go, so they can find another practitioner that’s right for them? 

I used to lose sleep about how to have these conversations with patients, but I’ve figured out a way to do it gracefully and ensure that everyone wins in the end.

Today’s episode is about more than just how to identify great patients. It’s also about what to do when you have one that isn’t right for you – and how to let them go gracefully, to find the care they need without compromising your integrity.


Gold Nuggets

  • How to tell if you have a strong connection or relationship with a patient – and signs that you’re not set up for a good long-term relationship. 
  • Why your patients need to trust in your ability to help them get better – and why communication with both you and your staff needs to be mutually respectful. 
  • Why patients that rely on Google for their prognosis and then ask you for support are almost always a bad fit. 
  • How to be honest when you let a patient go, helping them feel listened to and valued as you end the relationship – and even turn some of these patients into your best referrers.



When you've got that feeling and something just doesn't feel right, you're better to end the relationship sooner than later. Because it's not going to end well for either one of you. – @DrRondaNelson Share on X

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