162: Market Your Practice like a Pro: Expert Insights from Marketing Extraordinaire, Jeff Van Kampen

Ever wonder what the secret sauce is to marketing your wellness practice? Lucky for you I found the person who has that secret recipe and he’s ready to dish it all out. 👀🍕🔐

Meet Jeff Van Kampen, a marketer for chiropractors who’s joining me today to talk about marketing strategies to take your practice to a new level. I’m talking 5, 6, 7-figure heights… hope you’re not afraid of heights! 🌇🏗💸

Tune in now to transform your approach to getting new patients and get ready to see growth like never before.

In this episode you’ll hear:

👉How to seamlessly integrate chiropractic care with other health services

👉The power of transparency in marketing and why it builds trust and fruitful, long-lasting relationships.

👉Insider tips on navigating the ever-changing landscape of social media advertising.

👉Valuable takeaways for chiropractors seeking to revamp their marketing mindset, optimize their strategies, and unleash their practice’s full potential.



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