185: How to Keep More Money in Your Business

Ever felt overwhelmed or frustrated when it comes to managing your practice’s finances? Keeping an ever-watchful eye on those darn expenses + focusing on bringing in more revenue is a never-ending situation. 💸

If that sounds like you, no worries. Many practitioners, despite how long they’ve been in business, struggle with the same thing. After all, we’re wired to take care of people, not numbers on a piece of paper.

But if you’re not paying close attention to things like subscriptions, internet costs, or business insurance, you might be losing more money than you thought and slowing the growth of your practice. 😵

But fear not! In today’s podcast episode, we’re getting into the nitty-gritty of how to identify the most common areas where your money might be slipping away and how to identify and stop the leaking once and for all!

Knowing what’s happening in your business is like looking at the dashboard in your car. Once you understand what just a few simple numbers mean, you’ll have a much better idea about how your engine is running.


In this episode you’ll hear:

👉How to investigate what you’re paying for dues and subscriptions.

👉Strategies to renegotiate and manage your utility bills.

👉How negotiating lease agreements can significantly impact your overhead costs.

👉Tips for responsibly handling travel and entertainment expenses, avoiding common misconceptions that could lead to financial pitfalls.

👉Why you should regularly evaluate your insurance and software expenses.



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