149: How to be Vulnerable Without Sharing Too Much + My Embarrassing Story

Are you tired of the same old “professional” persona that you feel like you have to maintain with your patients? Do you ever wish you could just be yourself and connect with your patients on a deeper level? Well, get ready to explore how being vulnerable with your patients can actually help you build stronger relationships and grow your practice! 👀

In this episode, I’m sharing 5 strategies you can use to practice vulnerability right away. It may not come easily to you, which is totally okay! But when implemented at the right time, it can completely transform your relationship with a patient. 😲

I’ll discuss everything from the benefits of sharing personal stories with your patients (with my own embarrassing example added in 💩), to the importance of admitting when you need some outside help.

Here’s the deal – vulnerability doesn’t mean oversharing or being unprofessional. It’s about being authentically human, and showing your patients you’re just like them. When you’re willing to be vulnerable with your patients, it can create a sense of connection and empathy that’s hard to achieve any other way. 💫

So, be sure to give this episode a listen to discover the power of vulnerability and how it can help you grow your practice and connect with your patients on a deeper level! 👏👏


Gold Nuggets 

  • (1:53) Why being vulnerable creates a little window. 🪟
  • (3:47) Building trust is the key. 💖
  • (6:33) Saying “sorry” will take you soooo far. 👏
  • (7:22) A messy personal story. 💩
  • (13:11) My best advice for handling mistakes. 🙊


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