130: How to Get Better Results in Your Wellness Practice (and Your Life) with Blaine Oelkers

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Whether you’re listening to this podcast in early 2023, or the year’s half over, you’ll want to mark this episode as one of your fav’s. Yea, the topic sounds a bit *beige* but trust me – this is one that will have significant impact on you and your patients! (in fact, you might even want to share it with them, it’s that good!)

On today’s Clinical Entrepreneur Podcast, I’m joined by Blaine Oelkers, a man dedicated to helping people get results, in life + in business.  

In fact, his official title is Chief Results Officer (CRO). Pretty sure that’s the first + only time you’ll come across that title!

What I love about today’s episode is that Blaine teaches us how to leverage the habits we already have (like that morning cuppa joe) to create powerful shifts in our lives. It’s about building momentum & taking the easy route, but only because the easy route tends to produce better results. 🙌

It really got my wheels turning! 🧠

I don’t want to give too much away, but let’s just say “habit linking” + “urge surfing” have the potential to shift your entire life, and your wellness practice this year. In fact, we even chat about how to apply these two life hacks to help patients get better results. 🔥

Are you ready to create some sticky habits & grow your wellness practice??

Let’s go! 


Gold Nuggets

  • (2:09): Our Real Problem As Humans 😏
  • (4:19) Compare Yourself To THIS Person🪞
  • (6:42) 2 Ways To Create Habits in 21 Seconds ⏲️
  • (16:25) How To Anchor Your Habits
  • (19:57) Most People Walk Around With THIS 🧠 
  • (22:55) How Our Mindset = Reality 😲


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