035: How Do People Describe What You Do?

As alternative healthcare practitioners, we get asked all the time about ‘what we do.’ But when we say something like, “I help people get better by using herbs and nutritional supplements,” we’re not really saying anything about who we are, who we serve, or what we actually do! 

So, with that in mind, here are few questions you may want to consider: What do people in your community say about you? How would they describe what you really do? How can you command the narrative about what you do? How would you articulate it clearly and authentically? 

Well my friend, that’s exactly what we’re talking about in this podcast: How to simplify and clarify your message so your patients can become your best form of advertising. I’m sharing some simple exercises you can do right now to better understand how your ideal patients perceive you – and why they do (or don’t) refer more patients who are just like them.


Gold Nuggets

  • (2:22) Questions you can ask yourself (and your best patients!) to better understand how your community perceives you.
  • (4:22) A framework you can use to create your one-sentence elevator pitch about what you do, your niche, and your specialty.
  • (7:05) How to take control of the narrative around your practice.

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“If your patients are your best advertisers, then by golly, that ought to be where you put your focus to make sure that they are representing you well in your community to their friends.” - Ronda Nelson Share on X

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