131: How to Declutter Your Space & Uplevel Your Life 🚀 with Blaine Oelkers

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As promised, I have Blaine Oelkers back this week on the Clinical Entrepreneur Podcast to talk about what we had originally planned to discuss → how to declutter your entire life.  🙌

And you guys… this topic is SO good! Because who doesn’t feel like they need a little decluttering magic in their life?! 🏠

Buttt, this episode is about so much more than your “stuff”… it’s about the impact that unnecessary things have on your ability to show up as your best self – in your business, in your relationships, in your spiritual life… all of it!

In this episode, Blaine talks about how to declutter your life in four important ways:

  1. How to Declutter Your Environment 🏠
  2. How to Declutter Your Mental Space 🧠
  3. How to Declutter Your Physical Body 💪
  4. How to Declutter Your Digital Space 📲

He teaches us that the mess IS the stress, reminding us that we almost always feel lighter, calmer & richer when we take the time to spruce things up.

And I can speak from personal experience here… I just decluttered my entire closet and let me tell you… it completely transformed the energy in my bedroom.

Come get inspired to take action & learn:

✨ How clutter is actually a form of indecision 

✨ How to handle resistance to decluttering

✨ How to declutter “on-the-go” 

✨ How to remove mental trash 

✨ Why you need a “mind shower” routine

And my absolute favorite takeaway → how to “Yeah, BUT” yourself. You’ll have to press play to get the full explanation on this one and trust me on this…it’s a game changer. 🔥

So, what are you waiting for?!

Press play, get motivated + take action. 🚀


Golden Nuggets

  • (4:30) Try THIS Closet Decluttering Tip 👚
  • (5:30) What Clutter REALLY is 🤯
  • (18:18) How to Declutter Your Body 💪
  • (20:08) How to Remove “Head Trash” 🧠
  • (21:00) The Magical Power of a “Mind Shower” 💦
  • (27:34) 3 Steps To Eliminating Bad Habits 📋
  • (30:05) How to “Yeah BUT…” Yourself 🔥
  • (32:07) Win Your Brain Chemical Battle With THIS Hack 🏆


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