092: Create Your Own Concierge Practice

As a healthcare practitioner, you are well aware of the inherent risks when making any kind of recommendation that falls outside of the ‘approved’ healthcare model. High-dollar deductibles, overpriced premiums, copays, prescription medications and other non-covered items mean the patients end up paying waaaaay more than they should while getting less in return. 💸💸💸

Not surprisingly, many practitioners are leaving the traditional healthcare model in droves because of the lack of financial incentives. Insurance-based practices have a high risk with poor compensation from the insurance industry.

Instead, they’re opening concierge practices where they have more control over the type of care provided to their patients and the amount of revenue they generate. Depending on how you set it up, the patients have access to your services all year long as part of the fee they pay up front. No more nickel and diming, no co-pays, no insurance, no one else telling you how to run your practice.

It’s a pretty great model in my opinion and one that deserves additional consideration. Let’s ditch the insurance-based, fee-for-service model and take a look at the benefits of offering a concierge practice.

So, let’s chat about how you can develop your own concierge practice and grow that revenue baby! 💰


Gold Nuggets

  • (8:18) What to consider including in your concierge practice.
  • (14:45) Now it’s your turn to dream up your perfect cash concierge practice!
  • (17:52) How would you execute those ideas?
  • (21:08) A few examples of how this could play out in your practice.


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