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042: Are You a Perfectionist?

Even if the people around you wouldn’t describe you as a perfectionist, there’s a good chance that you struggle with some form of perfectionism. (We all do…) If you don’t like doing things halfway, if you hate when mistakes are made, or get frustrated when things aren’t exactly as you want them, guess what – you just might be a bit of a perfectionist! 

Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. However, perfectionism may be stopping you from getting your message out into the world. It can get in the way of serving our patients, families, employees, and teams. Trust me, my perfectionism almost prevented me from starting this podcast! 

So today, I want to talk to you about the different ways perfectionism stops us from performing at our best. I’ll share some examples of how I got over my own fears, and hopefully help the perfectionist in you to feel authentic and show up in a big way – even if it’s not perfect.


Gold Nuggets

  • (3:56) Why perfectionism is just a different form of control and why it slows us down.
  • (5:54) The link between perfectionism, fear, and our brain’s fight-or-flight response – and how I conquered this fear to launch this podcast.
  • (10:30) Why I was so scared to launch a course in 2016 – and how I changed my mental game, leaned into the challenge, learned, and grew from the experience.
  • (13:45) The beauty in getting out there, being vulnerable, and being yourself.



“Perfectionism, in many cases, is just a different form of control.” - Ronda Nelson Share on X “If the people that you serve need to hear what you know, and you're not sharing it with them, then you're making it about you and not them.” - Ronda Nelson Share on X


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