208 – How to Identify and Leverage Your Natural Strengths

Ever wondered why some tasks feel like a breeze while others just drain all your energy out of you? 🤔  The truth is, you might be struggling because you’re focusing on things that aren’t in your “Unique Brilliance.”

Your Unique Brilliance (AKA your Unique Superpower or Zone of Genius) is where your greatest strengths and passions intersect. When you’re operating in your Unique Brilliance, you are aligning your work with your natural talents and the very essence of who you are. You’re in a state of flow where your skills and enthusiasm create a powerful synergy that drives success and fulfillment.💫

Following up on a recent episode about conducting a time audit, this episode focuses on understanding and embracing what makes you uniquely brilliant. Using tools like Clifton Strengths, we explore how you’re naturally inclined to excel in certain areas more than others; identifying tasks you are “okay” at and those you struggle with.

This episode is not just about self-discovery; it’s a practical guide to reshaping how you approach your work, focus on what you love, and propel your business to new heights!

So join me as we unpack how to identify your zone of genius, understand your unique superpower, and make your unique brilliance work for you. Let’s shift from being busy to being brilliantly effective!


In this episode you’ll hear:

👉 The importance of identifying your unique strengths and leveraging them for success.

👉 How to effectively delegate tasks that drain your energy and time.

👉 Practical steps to distinguish between tasks you excel at and those you don’t.

👉 Why understanding your Zone of Genius is a game-changer for your business and personal life.



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